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May 13, 2019

5 Benefits of Dressing Your Dog in Clothes

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There’s no debate about whether or not dogs are adorable animals, but there are different views on if they should wear clothes. Stereotypes abound concerning the kind of pet owners who dress up their dogs. Some people think it’s unnecessary, silly, selfish, or downright harmful. While there certainly are numerous reasons why owners put clothes on their dogs, the bottom line is that fashion for furry friends serves a purpose beyond simply looking cute.


1. Regulate Body Temperature

One of the most obvious benefits of putting your pooch in an outfit is to keep your dog comfortable no matter the weather. This is a no-brainer in the wintertime, when many breeds who aren’t built for low temperatures easily get cold. Slipping your pet into a cozy sweater and some socks or booties makes it more pleasant for your puppy to go outside for a walk or even stay warm enough inside. However, summertime can be just as hard on your dog with the intense heat and/or humidity. A cooling vest can help prevent overheating, especially for dogs that are older or have health problems.


2. Shield Against the Elements

Regardless of the season, there are always elements to face, such as wind, rain, snow, and sunlight. All of these can harm your cuddly canine, so take the precautionary measure of using protective gear for your dog just as you would for yourself.

For example, a lightweight poncho or an umbrella-hooded raincoat is perfect for a rainy day with moderate temperatures. When the sun is shining bright, UV-shielding clothes can block harsh sunrays from penetrating your dog’s skin. Remember practical but stylish sunglasses for sensitive eyes, too!


3. Protect Fur and Skin

Sunlight isn’t the only thing you need to guard your pet’s skin against. The great outdoors has lots of potential irritants. Bugs are at the top of the list, particularly if you go hiking, camping, or hunting in wooded areas. In place of or addition to bug spray, don your doggy in an insect-repelling shirt for maximum protection. Clothing also prevents burrs, dirt, allergens, and other natural debris from getting into your dog’s fur. This will make bathing and grooming so much easier and will help keep your house clean.

Sometimes the hazard doesn’t come from nature but from your own dog. Does your four-legged family member bite and chew its own skin? Wearing clothes can deter your dog from this behavior and allow wounds to heal properly.


4. Increase Overall Safety

Just as humans need to wear appropriate apparel for certain activities, so do animals. If you go swimming or surfing, get your dog a swim shirt or wetsuit . Taking a boat ride out on the lake? Don’t forget to put a life vest on your canine, too. Even good swimmers need the extra safety in case of an accident or injury.

Everyday activities also require protective gear. Nighttime walks are dangerous for pedestrians, so along with wearing your own reflective clothing, get a bright vest for your furry friend as well. No matter what you’re doing or when, bright colors and reflective materials are always best to increase visibility. You’ll have an easier time finding your dog in the water, at the park, or among the trees, and others will be able to avoid hurting your beloved pet when it’s easy to spot.


5. Be a Part of Any Occasion

Your dog is a part of your family and therefore should be involved in the things you do as a family. Do you want to take family photos? No doubt you’ll include your dog in the picture, but why not include it in your matching or themed outfits, too? The same goes for your tradition of getting the whole family fun pajamas for Christmas and dressing up for Halloween parties.

Are you planning a wedding? Whether or not your puppy plays a role in the ceremony, you can dress your dog for the part in fancy attire, such as a classy tuxedo or a lovely dress . Are you attending a sports game or watching one at home? Let your dog sport a jersey to root for your favorite team or player. You can find something for your pet to wear for every occasion!


Is Dressing Up Your Dog Ever a Bad Idea?

Although pet fashion has many benefits, it’s not for everyone. Take your furball’s temperament and tastes into consideration. If your dog seems uncomfortable in clothing, try a different style or leave your dog in its natural coat. Keep in mind that accessories can be choking hazards, so you may want to skip these if your dog is notorious for chewing on and eating everything.


How To Measure Your Dog To Find the Right Size Clothing

It’s important for your dog’s comfort to make sure you order the right size garments. Pet sizing is different, so understand how to take measurements properly:

· Start with the neck. Measure around the spot where the collar rests, generally the widest part right above the shoulders.

· Next, measure how long the back is from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

· Most important for correct fit is the chest size. Measure around the broadest part of your dog’s chest, which tends to be right behind the front legs.

These measurements will determine which size to select. Take note that at BaxterBoo, dimensions reflect product sizing, not pet sizing. See that your pet’s measurements fit into the product’s dimensions. When debating between two sizes, go with the one that leaves a little wiggle room in the chest and neck areas.


Express Your Dog’s Unique Personality

No matter the reason your dog wears clothes, have fun with it! Your pooch may have a say in what’s comfortable, but the designs and colors of the wardrobe pieces are up to you. Here’s your chance to show the world how elegant, quirky, or cool your pet is, or to share your sense of humor with a funny dog t-shirt . If your dog isn’t into fashion, then you can still have fun with normal pet accessories such as collars, ID tags, harnesses, and toys.

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