7 Winter Fashion Ideas for Your Dog

Published: January 14, 2022
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Winter fashion is some of the best fashion of the year. From big, comfortable sweaters to gorgeous winter coats, there is something for everyone during this time of year, and that includes your pets. Your dog deserves to be just as warm and fashionable as you do. Check out these winter fashion ideas for your pet and you'll both be stepping out in style.

1. Functional Yet Fun Winter Coats

If your dog wasn't built for cold weather, it's a good idea to purchase a winter coat for him. Think about the type of weather where you live before considering which kind you need. If the days get blustery, consider a puffer coat like the Alpine Extreme Weather Puffer Dog Coat by Doggie Design to help keep the cold winds at bay. Fleece dog vests like the Gooby Zip Up Fleece Dog Vest do double duty by keeping cold weather out and protecting your pup from the wet snow. If you live further south, light jackets or even rain jackets are a good idea. Do you live in a place that seems to have all types of weather during the winter? Consider buying one of each so you're always prepared.

2. Sweet and Sophisticated Sweaters

Sweaters are available for dogs of all sizes, but small dogs are especially susceptible to getting cold during the winter, even when they spend most of their time indoors. From cute and quirky to stylish and sophisticated, luckily there are tons of different dog sweaters for you to choose from. Do you want to get holiday pics with your pup? Try dressing him in an oatmeal-colored Cable Knit Dog Sweater by Doggie Design. He'll fit right in with the rest of the family. Maybe you want your pup to show off some holiday cheer. Chilly Dog's Handmade Christmas Elf Sweater is made of wool to keep him warm and makes him look like he just got out of Santa's Workshop. Hooded sweaters, cardigan sweaters, and even turtleneck sweaters are just some of the other options you can find. 

3. Casual Hoodies for Cooler Weather

When the weather is cool but not exactly cold, keeping your dog comfortable can be more of a challenge. Winter coats are too warm but t-shirts aren't enough. Find a happy middle by choosing a casual hoodie for him to wear during his walks. Choose something basic with a Zack & Zoey Basic Dog Hoodie for those everyday walks, or opt for something cute and festive with a Let It Snow Penguins Rhinestone Dog Hoodie. From hoodies that show off your dog's loyalty to Mom and Dad to camo hoodies that display your dog's tough side, the options are practically endless. Perhaps your dog has a special job. You can even find options that show off your dog's work as a service dog. 

4. Polo Shirts for Doggie Daycare

Nothing says business casual like the polo shirt, and your dog's wardrobe is no exception. When he's spending the afternoon at doggie daycare or even just hanging out with you and your friends, you want him to look his best. A polo shirt ensures he looks amazing and stays comfortable by providing warmth without creating too much heat. The hardest part will be choosing which one he should wear. From Zack & Zoey's Polo Dog Shirt in Nautical Blue to a striped number from Preppy Boy Dog Polo by Parisian Pet, you'll have plenty of options. A variety of colors, patterns, and overall style ensure you'll have something that matches your style and makes your pet's personality shine through. 

5. Tons of T-Shirts

Excellent t-shirts are the backbone of any successful dog wardrobe. T-shirts are easy for your pet to wear and provide options that range from very funny to very cute, casual to elegant, and everything in between. Is your pup all about you? Get him a Mama's Boy Dog Shirt in blue to show off his loyalty. Maybe your pooch just loves to chase squirrels. Alert the neighborhood with a Squirrel Patrol Dog Shirt. Solid colors, pretty designs, holiday-inspired shirts, and even shirts based on your favorite TV shows are all available, so the best time to start his collection is now. 

6. Plenty of Pretty Dresses

Holiday parties call for holiday dresses. Do you prefer ultra-feminine retro styles? Dress up your little lady in a Polka Dot Dog Harness Dress by Doggie Design. Perhaps you're more of the sophisticated little black dress type. Your pooch can be too in a Plain Dog Dress. Dresses that show off your dog's high-maintenance attitude, fancy floral evening dresses, adorable sailor numbers, and even fancy pink tutu-inspired dresses are all options that will help your pet look her best for the evening while providing her an extra layer for warmth. 

7. Pretty in Pajamas

Everybody looks great in a good pair of pajamas. When you want your dog to be as cozy as he is cute, grab some Cozy Thermal Dog Pajamas in your favorite color. Are you all about the pet-friendly slumber party? FuzzYard Candy Heart Dog Pajamas feature an adorable heart design that every one of your guests will love. Of course, you can't skip traditional Parisian Pet Scottish Plaid Dog Pajamas in the winter. The flannel design will fit right in with the family's own plaid pajamas. After all, your pet deserves to be cute, warm, and comfortable even when he's sleeping.

Remember, use a measuring tape to measure your pet before purchasing clothes for it. This ensures you have a size that will be comfortable for him. When clothes fit just right, your dog will look better, feel better, and remain safer.

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