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February 14, 2021

Getting Your Dog Into Dog Modeling

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Dog modeling. It’s a thing! If your dog is the most adorable, most unique, most well-behaved or most talented, you might want to consider a career in modeling for your pooch. It’ll take some work, and there are some specific steps you’ll need to take, but with the right know-how, he just might get a job!

Take Great Headshots

Yep! Dog modeling is similar to human modeling, so your dog will need headshots. This will be part of the package you’ll use when you’re marketing your dog’s modeling skills. You could always hire a professional to take the headshots, but you know your furry friend better than anyone else, so it may work for you to spend that time with him, getting the perfect photos. To get a great headshot:

  1. You need the right light. Natural light is the best light for humans and dogs. Pose the dog near a glass door or window so you get that soft light that comes through. If you’re doing the photo outdoors, opt for an overcast day so the sunlight isn’t so harsh.

  2. You need to learn how to focus correctly. Dogs are wiggly little creatures, so you really need to learn how to focus correctly. Try using a tripod if you feel you’ll be too jittery or shaky. Hold your breath when you snap the shot. Rest your elbows on a tabletop. If the dog is moving, be sure you have discussed your camera settings with a professional so it’s not a blurry shot.

  3. You should avoid distracting backgrounds. Your dog’s headshot should never include a background that will distract from the dog. If you’re indoors, avoid a messy room. If you’re outdoors, choose an area with a natural, yet bland background so the dog really stands out.

  4. You should get on your dog’s level. Dogs look interesting from many different angles, but for a headshot, you should get down on the dog’s level. Whistle, offer dog treats or do something else that will get your dog’s attention so he looks right into the camera for the shot.

  5. You should give your dog time to play. If you don’t get that perfect photo right off the bat, pull out a dog toy in between photos. If you’re outdoors in the heat, a Cool Pup Cooling Dog Toy might be the perfect intermission. If you’re at a park, you could bring along a fetch toy to get some energy out or to use for some action shots.

  6. You need to bring rewards. Whatever it is that your dog loves as a reward, you should bring it with you. This usually means a yummy treat, so consider Chip’s Naturals Doggie Chicken Chips or K9 Granola Factory treats .

Once you’re done with your photo shoot, look through the photos to decide which one really showcases your dog’s looks and personality. If you need to, it’s OK to edit the photos a bit, but you don’t want to do anything too creative for a headshot.

Create a Dog Resume

It may sound silly, but your dog will need a resume. If he has previous modeling experience, that’s something you should market to a future modeling agency. If the dog doesn’t have any modeling experience, there are still some important facts to include in the resume:

  • Any certificates earned for training or behavior competitions

  • A list of talents unique to your dog, including interesting characteristics

  • Unique abilities, such as being able to ride a skateboard or doing well around other animals, etc.

The resume should also include your dog’s name, as well as your name and contact information. You should also include the size, weight, measurement and coat of your dog.

Consider Hiring an Agent

Some dogs will sell themselves with their personalities, physical traits, previous experience and unique abilities, but other dogs will need an agent. There are plenty of scammers out there, so it’s important you don’t fall into a trap. To find an agent, you could speak with someone at the dog modeling agency. If you are trying to get a job with a particular retail company, speak with their marketing director to get the names of modeling agents they have previously worked with. Your dog trainer or groomer might have some recommendations as well.

Market Your Dog By Yourself

Whether or not you hire an agent, there are some things you can do to market your dog on your own. For example, create a public social media account and post pictures and videos of your dog. Utilize hashtags and shares to get your dog out there. You could also create a personal website for your dog, linking it to other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Another way to market your dog is by entering him into contests. If the dog food brand you purchase is looking for a new dog face for their products, you could enter the contest. If a local fair has a dog category, you could enter the dog into that in hopes of working your way up to a regional, state or national contest.

Keep Your Dog in Great Shape

Everyone wants a day to relax, but you should never slack on hygiene and typical dog upkeep. Some things to remember are:

  • Bathe your dog regularly

  • Keep his fur or hair brushed and groomed

  • When you go out, be sure he looks good

  • Make regular visits to the veterinarian

  • Only feed your dog healthy dog food

  • Exercise your dog every day

As you can see, it’s going to take some work to secure your dog a modeling career, but it can be done. Whether this is your first time venturing into modeling or you’re a seasoned professional, take some steps to get your dog moving on this adventurous career.


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