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Published: June 3, 2021
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Hiking is a great way to get out and enjoy nature. If you're lucky enough to have a furry family member, he probably likes to join you when you head for the hills for a refreshing hike. It's important as you make these outings that you keep safety as a top priority, and that includes for your dog. The following are some tips and tricks to ensure even your canine friend has a great time the next time you go hiking.

Plan Food and Water Accordingly

You likely throw some snacks and a water bottle into a backpack when you hike, but you don't want to look beyond the fact that your dog will need some nourishment and hydration as well. Fortunately, there are several products to aid you in making this situation easier. For example, the Doggles Blue With Mountains Travel Bowl holds both your dog's food and water. Fill it with food and cinch it shut before you go. Grab an extra water bottle and an empty travel bowl, and when it's time for a snack and some water, simply set the bowls out, fill the empty bowl with the water, and your dog will thank you.

It's important that you consider the amount of time you're going to be gone, as well as the weather while you're out and about. If the day is severely hot, or if your hike is going to be fairly long, you'll need to bring more water than if you're going for a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood.

Use a Leash and Collar With ID Tag

Keeping your dog safe is one of the most important things you can do, and although it might sound fun to let your pup run freely back and forth, it's simply not the safest method when hiking. You have to think about wildlife when you're out in nature. If you came across a dangerous wild animal and your dog tried to attack, it could be detrimental. Making sure your dog is on a leash while on the trail is essential to the dog's safety.

It's also important for safety that your dog has proper ID tags . You would hope your dog would stay close because you have it on a leash, but if you are somehow separated and someone finds your dog, it will be easier to reunite when your pup has an ID.

Bring Enough Poop Bags

When your dog has to relieve itself, you shouldn't leave it for the next human or canine to step in. Being out in nature includes cleaning up after yourself and not leaving any trace that you were there. When your dog goes poop, make sure you have enough poop bags to take care of it every time. There are several different types of systems to ensure you don't have to smell the matter all the way back to the car, and many of these systems are compact for situations like when you're hiking or otherwise packing light.

Plan According to the Terrain

Not every hike is done on a smooth dirt trail. It's possible you will take your dog over some tough terrain. In an effort to keep your dog's paws free of injury, it could help to plan for rocky terrain by bringing protective booties or dog shoes . These are also the perfect solution if you want to hike in colder weather or snow. You and your dog can get out to enjoy the fresh air without worrying that your pup will get sick or injured in the process.

If you're going to be hiking in the water, you should also bring something that can keep your dog comfortable after exiting the water. For example, if part of your journey takes you through a shallow river, your dog will need a towel to dry off after you exit the water. If you go through any particularly muddy areas, that towel would also come in handy to clean the mud off your furry friend's paws and fur.

Consider Different Types of Dog Clothes

Fortunately, it is easier than ever to protect your dog against all kinds of issues that could occur while hiking. The Insect Shield Dog T-Shirt by Doggles is something the dog can wear out in the yard or while on a hike. The thin fabric repels insects such as ants, chiggers, fleas, ticks, midges and mosquitoes, which reduces the chance your dog will end up with a disease such as Lyme disease, anaplasmosis or heartworm.

If your hike is going to be particularly chilly, and if your dog isn't made for the cooler temperatures, a dog coat might be just what you need. Made in a variety of styles, designs, colors and materials, there's a coat to suit all different occasions and all different hikes.

Put Medical Supplies in Your Backpack

When you throw a first aid kit into your backpack, make note that you need to also put a first aid kit in the backpack for your dog. A good first aid kit for a dog will include exam gloves for you, first aid tape, gauze pads and rolls, tongue depressors, antiseptic wipes, cloth bandages, cold packs, saline solution and an emergency blanket. You hope nothing will happen to your furry family member, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Getting Started by Preparing for Your Next Hike

Most likely, your dog will love going on a hike regardless of how well you prepare, but your pup's health and wellbeing depend on you taking the right measures before you head out for an adventure. Get started today by gathering the supplies you need to prepare for your next hike with your dog.

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