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Published: October 14, 2021
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Who doesn't love a good fairytale? Whether you're into the Disney princesses, their sidekicks, or another type of fairytale altogether, you need costumes for the entire family. Of course, that includes your dog, too. No matter what size your dog is or what types of clothing he'll wear, you're sure to find something in this list that will stand out from the crowd at your Halloween festivities.

Choosing a Costume for Your Dog

When choosing a costume for your dog, it's important to remember that one size does not fit all and that not all dogs will actually want to wear a full costume. First, consider what your dog is most comfortable in. If he doesn't mind vests but tries to get full shirts or full-body costumes off, stick to something that won't give them a full-coverage look. If your pet doesn't mind bandanas, hats, or shoes but doesn't love clothes, you can find plenty of options that are adorable while still being minimally designed.

Getting Your Dog To Wear a Costume

Regardless of the type of costume that you choose for your dog, you need to give him plenty of time to adjust to it. When it arrives, let him sniff it and get used to its scent when you take it out of the package. Leave it somewhere where he can investigate it on his own time. When you notice him feeling comfortable around it, begin introducing him to wearing it. You probably will only be able to keep it on for a couple of minutes the first time, but you can leave it on a bit longer each day. As he gets used to it, you can begin taking him to Halloween festivities in costume. The hardest part will be deciding which costume to get.

Rubie's Frozen 2 Sven Dog Costume

Frozen has been all the rage for nearly a decade now, and that doesn't seem like it will be changing anytime soon. If your pooch isn't the princess type but you still want him to get into the spirit of the movie, try your hand at Rubie's Frozen 2 Sven Dog Costume . The officially licensed outfit is comprised of a step-in costume and a headpiece. The reindeer-themed bodysuit allows your pet to step into the costume before you tie it at his shoulder and back, leaving his back legs free and comfortable. On top of the bodysuit is Olaf along for the ride. The matching headpiece gives your pup the cutest reindeer antlers. The best part is this costume is not only excellent for Halloween but for holiday-themed photo ops.

Zack & Zoey Unicorn Dog Costume

Maybe you love the thought of fairytales but don't have a particular favorite. Perhaps you love rainbows or unicorns or both. If you nodded your head to the previous statements, your pup needs a Zack & Zoey Unicorn Dog Costume . This magical, vibrant rainbow costume is made of a soft, fuzzy material that easily slips over your dog, fastening at the waist and the neck and leaving all his feet free. A matching cap is just as soft and features adorable ears and a purple unicorn horn that matches the purple main and tail on the main piece. Whether you're heading to a Halloween party or your kids just love unicorns, this costume is sure to be a hit.

Sir Barks A Lot Knight Dog Costume by Rubies

Every good fairytale needs a knight in shining armor. Show off your pup's bravery when you dress him in the Sir Barks A Lot Knight Dog Costume by Rubies . The main component of this costume is a shirt that slips over the front legs but leaves the back legs free. The red design features silver "armor" on the legs, a yellow emblem, and a wide black belt. To complete the costume, the package includes a shiny headpiece that secures under the chin and mimics the style of Medieval armor. Your pet will be the protector of the pack when you set off to trick-or-treat with him wearing this costume.

Rubies Pirate Boy Dog Costume

Another take on classic fairytales, this Rubies Pirate Boy Dog Costume will have you and your pet raking in the treats this Halloween. The 100% polyester costume includes a pirate jacket and a hat. The stylish brown jacket features gold trim and a red and black striped belt. It fits over your dog's front legs while leaving the back legs free and comfortable. An included headpiece secures under the chin and is in the shape of a traditional pirate hat and is brown with gold trim to match the jacket. It also includes a red and black striped accent. Take your pup to Halloween festivities all over town in this costume and he's sure to be a hit.

Rubie's Red Riding Hood Dog Costume

Of course, you can't look at fairytale costumes for your dog without adding a beloved story known by millions to the list. Your "big bad wolf" will look more like an innocent character in the classic tale with Rubie's Red Riding Hood Dog Costume . The two-piece costume is made of polyester and slips over your pup's front legs. The dress features a red, black, and white design, complete with the signature red cape and white lace trim. An included headpiece is made to look like the top of the cape and secures under your pup's chin. Head to Grandma's house and every other house on the block to score some of the best treats with this costume this Halloween.

Whether your pooch only wears hats or likes to be in a full getup, choosing one of these fairytale costumes is sure to make him look adorable. With the affordable prices, you might even try more than one!

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