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June 23, 2019

June 24th: Cat World Domination Day

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Is your cat plotting to take over the world? Well lucky for them and unlucky for the rest of us, June 24, 2019, is Cat World Domination Day! Who knew this was a real day? Well, the more you know! Though most cats look all cute and innocent, in reality, they are plenty sassy and bossy to be able to take over and rule the world!


  1. When you walk into the room and they “act natural.” We all have seen those videos or have experienced a time when we are discussing something private with someone and an unwelcomed person walks into the room. “ACT NATURAL!!” is generally the typical response that usually doesn’t actually seem all that natural! But is definitely more suspicious…


  1. They are always watching you! You may think they are being all cute sitting there, watching their owners and admiring them. Or just casually watching what you are doing on your phone or computer. Well, in reality, they are really watching very carefully to figure out ALL your weaknesses and the worlds so they can TAKE YOU DOWN! Sorry to burst any bubbles.


  1. The cats are always sitting or standing on higher areas such as shelves. They are looking down on you because they think they are better and should be ruling the world!


  1. You see two or more of these felines whispering to each other.


  1. They “play” with their catnip. This is a tricky sign to be able to catch them in the act. You may think they are just playing in and with catnip, but they are actually drawing secret maps. When you come over to see what they are doing, they quickly destroy the evidence by messing it up and making it look like casual “play” time!


  1. Your newspaper starts disappearing. If they are taking over the world, they gotta know all the gossip and events happening in the world. They also need to know all of the people currently in charge so they know who their main targets are.


  1. They sit near your computer or in your chair by a computer. DON’T be fooled! They aren’t just sitting there to sit there, they are waiting for you to leave the room or turn away so they can look up important information and contact fellow cat dominators!


  1. These felines act like ninjas and secret agents just popping out of nowhere!


  1. They spend a lot of time staring into space. No, they aren’t just spacey. They are thinking of either an escape plan, how to not get caught by the cops, and or how to DOMINATE THE WORLD!


  1. The cats jump on top of and sometimes kill their something such as toys and mice, which are the most common. This isn’t for fun but for practice and preparation to take down anyone who gets in their way!


If you are noticing your cat or cats showing one or all of these signs, BEWARE and watch your back! They could turn on you at any point and especially on June 24th since that is Cat World Domination Day! We are pretty much giving them permission to take over the world by giving them their own day for this! But don’t be fooled! Cats are working around the clock, plotting and gaining information to one day really dominate and take over the world! Stay safe my friends and keep a close eye on your furry feline friends AT ALL TIMES!


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