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Published: January 7, 2022
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Winter can be a great season to hang out with your dog. When the temperature drops, you and your furry pal can warm together by the fire. Plus there are plenty of holidays for you and your pup to look forward to, so you can spend lots of quality time together. However, the winter weather brings not only colder temps but also rain and snow. Consider these 10 items your dog may need to stay cozy and stylish in the winter. 


Waterproof Vest

When looking for a winter raincoat for your pet, choose something lightweight yet warm. A fleece vest with a waterproof shell (like this one by Gooby) might be just what your dog needs. The vest features harness rings to make it an easy addition to your pup's wardrobe. This article of clothing is lightweight and does not take up much space. It is perfect for hanging by the door or taking on a weekend trip. 


Full Raincoat

While a water-resistant vest may be adequate for some dogs, more adventurous pups may need a full raincoat. For example, owners wanting to take their pet on outdoor adventures during this time of year may need a heavy-duty rain suit. This design by Zippy Dynamics has a detachable hood that shields the rain from your dog's face. It offers full-body coverage, leaving only space for the paws, head, and tail. Multiple snaps on the suit allow for a customizable, secure fit. 


Reversible Jacket

If you live in a warmer climate, your dog may not need a fleece or fur-lined coat. Instead, a waterproof jacket may be sufficient. This reversible design by Kurgo Loft is stylish yet practical, and it is machine-washable, making it an easy piece to add to your pup's wardrobe. This jacket comes in multiple styles and designs, and at a great price point, you can get several. It is sure to become an essential piece that you reach for often. 


Camouflage Coat

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors with your dog, consider getting him a camo coat to wear in the winter. Not only is this suit by Hurtta warm and comfortable, but it also has a bug-repellant treatment in the fabric. There are multiple adjustments that you can make to create a custom fit. Your furry friend will be ready for any outdoor adventures the two of you can find!


Game Day Coat 

If you and your pup love to watch football together, consider getting him a puffer vest by Pets First. Whether rooting for the Packers, the Seahawks, or the Eagles, your dog can show off his team spirit in style. This is the perfect winter wardrobe item for any day of the season, but it is especially cute to put on for game day. 


Ski Vest

Maybe your pooch is super athletic and loves to hit the slopes with you, or perhaps you just know your fluffy friend will look adorable with a fur-lined hood. Either way, this Swiss Alpine ski dog vest is a must-have for your dog's winter wear. The sleek design comes in multiple sizes and is machine-washable. 



If you live in a cold climate, you know that your pet needs a warm coat for everyday wear. This adorable Aspen Dog parka is just what he needs to stay warm on your daily walks together. It is warm, waterproof, and easy to put on. Your pup will be thankful for the extra layer of warmth when the temperatures drop!


Whimsical Coat

If your dog's playful streak comes out during the winter season, consider getting him a whimsical coat that shows off his personality. This adorable monster raincoat by Dogo is available in several sizes, so canines of any stature can show off in it. It is waterproof, making it ideal for the rainy days you are sure to see come winter. This raincoat comes in a vibrant orange color that allows you to easily see your pup no matter the weather. 


Sophisticated Raincoat

Available in X-Small to XX-Large, this plaid raincoat is for the dapper dog. Two velcro straps make it easy to adjust, and quick adjustments are essential when getting ready to go out in less-than-ideal weather. Pet parents will appreciate how easy it is to clean this coat; it is machine-washable. Plus, the adorable checkered pattern is sure to catch the eye and is great for the holiday season! Your pup can dress to impress in this sophisticated outfit. 


Holiday Coat

At Christmas, you cherish time with your loved ones. Because he is a member of your family, make sure to spend as much time with your puppy as possible. A Kodiak red plaid dog coat is just what your animal needs to get into the holiday spirit. Elastic seams ensure a secure fit, and reflective bands make this coat a safer thing for animals to wear in the dark. The warm material protects your pet from the wind and the rain, making it an essential piece of your canine's winter wardrobe. 


Perhaps you and your dog typically spend lots of time outdoors come winter, or maybe you prefer to stay cuddled inside. Whatever your plans, make sure you have the essential winter gear for your pup. This way, you can enjoy the holiday season in style. Whatever the time of year, start thinking of the winter items your dog needs and add them to your holiday shopping list. Your furry pal will be sure to appreciate his new wardrobe!



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