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Published: June 4, 2021
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Perhaps you’ve lived with your feline friend for the past 15 years, or maybe you adopted an older cat from a shelter. If you’re new to caring for an older pet, or you’ve noticed that your cat's appetite and dietary needs are changing, take a look at the tips below for caring for and feeding an elderly cat.

Why Do Elderly Cats Need Different Food?

Like kittens, older cats have specific dietary, exercise, and sleep needs . Humans function in the same way: You can’t feed a six-month-old baby the same foods an adult eats, and the calcium needs of a postmenopausal woman are higher than those of a teenager. Senior cats often need a higher protein content in their food, healthy fats like Omega-3 fatty acids, and more moisture in their food as they may not be able to get enough water from their bowl throughout the day. Elderly cats often have urinary tract problems as well. Finding a wet or dry food that contains one or more of these ingredients, or on occasion even switching from dry to wet food, can improve your cat’s coat, skin, energy level, and mood.

As we and our pets age, we need to take care of our changing bodies to experience the highest level of health possible. Providing your cat with food formulated specifically for his or her breed and age range can help your beloved pet live out his golden years in the best health possible.

Our Cat Food Picks for Senior Felines

Some senior cats may need ingredients like Omega-3 fatty acids that help restore shine to their coats and lubrication to their skin, while others simply need an easy-to-digest, real food kibble that is free of artificial ingredients and byproducts. Take a look at our featured products below to determine which may be the right choice for your senior cat.

1. Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Food

Many cats do well, especially in their senior years, with a grain-free food that is high in protein and gentle on their finicky stomachs. This high-quality food is formulated with real food ingredients such as smoked salmon and roasted venison, it contains a high level of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids to make your pet’s coat shine, and it also contains a probiotic blend that supports digestion.

2. Purina One Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Purina offers a wide range of products for cats of all ages. If your senior cat has enjoyed Purina food for her or her whole life up to this point but is experiencing digestive distress or dry skin in old age, you may want to see if this food , which is formulated with fatty acids and antioxidants, helps restore shine to the coat and balance to the digestive system.

3. Blue Buffalo Indoor Health

Blue Buffalo has a great reputation for creating simple, healthy products for pets to enjoy. If your cat lives indoors, or if he or she recently transitioned to being a full-time indoor cat, you probably already know that he or she needs fewer calories and specific nutrition. This food, specifically formulated for indoor cats, is a great choice for seniors as it contains no artificial additives, features balanced calories, and it has real chicken as the first ingredient!

4. Wellness Complete Grain-Free Pates

You can’t go wrong with good soft food: Pates and other canned food, when formulated with high standards, contain lots of moisture and easy-to-digest real food ingredients. Senior cats, like elderly adults, often forget to drink water throughout the day, and some may be too tired or achy to venture to the water bowl or fountain as often as they should. Give them a boost of moisture with this food , which is made from real-food ingredients like turkey and chicken. It also contains cranberries that will help elderly cats maintain their urinary tract health.

5. Fussie Cat Treats

Don’t forget that senior cats like treats, too! Give your elderly feline friend a taste of these high-moisture tuna and prawns , tuna and shrimp, or chicken treats from Fussie Cat. These treats can function as a food topper or they can simply be a snack. You don’t have to worry about artificial additives, preservatives, or flavors here: They’re made from pure ingredients such as real seafood, chicken, and potato.

Get In Touch To Find the Perfect Food for Your Senior Cat

Senior cats are capable of providing you with just as much love and affection as when they were younger, but sometimes they need help dealing with indigestion, stiff joints, and trouble sleeping — just like elderly humans! A new food could be just what your pet needs to gain back his or her health and confidence. While we can’t promise to add years to your cat’s life, we can assure you that sometimes a dietary change is the best thing for your aging pet’s health.

At this age, it’s important to choose the right foods and nutrients carefully. If your senior cat is struggling with a health condition or taking medication, be sure to talk to your vet to determine what the correct diet is for your pet. Then, bring your vet’s recommendations when you go shopping online! We stock several high-quality and medical-grade products, and we’re no strangers to supporting our customers’ pets’ health throughout their lifespans. Peruse Baxter Boo’s many options and contact us today if you have any questions about our products.

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