Simple Tips for Protecting Your Pup's Paws From the Cold

Published: December 21, 2021
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An outdoor winter wonderland: Some dogs love it and some dogs hate it. Whether you have a snow-loving pooch or a cold-weather-averse canine, there will be times when your furry family member will have to go outside when the conditions outdoors are less than ideal. Perhaps you've only thought about protecting your small, shivery pet from snow and frigid weather, but the truth is that even extra-furry, large and snow-loving doggos will need some protection from the elements to keep them happy, healthy and comfortable throughout the winter months. Learn more about why it's so important to keep pup paws protected and the best tips for doing so. 

The Dangers Lurking in the Snow

As if walking out into a freshly blanketed world of snow isn't magical enough, throwing an excited and playful pup into the mix really ups the fun factor. Watching your favorite dog prance around while nosing through and eating as much of the frosty white powder as she can has the potential to make all your worries and concerns melt away. However, even if the scene before you is a playful and fun-filled one, there are still some dangers that threaten to put a damper on your pet's good time. 

Some common winter-time dangers to be aware of include:

Because your beloved doggie companion will be walking through the snow and slush on her paws, they will be highly susceptible to frostbite and increased irritation. Cold temperatures, salt and other products meant to melt troublesome ice have the potential to wreak havoc on your poor pup's paw pads.  Being exposed to the elements can dry out paws and leave them cracked and sore. An accumulation of caked snow in and around your dog's paws increases the risk of your sweet furry friend experiencing frostbite. Another concern to consider is your animal licking salt or ice melt off her paws, which can upset her stomach or even make her extremely ill.

The good news is there are easy solutions to protect your dog from the elements and ensure she has a happy and healthy winter. 

Carefree Frolicking in Dog Boots

One of the best ways to ensure your puppy's paws stay dry and safe from the wicked weather swirling outdoors is to outfit her in her very own pair of doggie boots. No one will argue that a sweet dog joyfully frolicking in the snow while wearing four little snow boots is probably one of the most adorable things you'll see all winter.

Not only is this one of the cutest scenes possible, but those boots also serve a very important and practical purpose. Slipping fuzzy paws into cozy boots ensures those sweet paw pads don't have to make direct contact with the cold, harsh conditions on the ground. They provide protection from salt and ice melt and guarantee no extra snow or ice will become caked in between your pup's toes. 

A good fit is key when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of dog boots. Luckily there are many options available, making it a cinch to find a set to fit your pet's needs. Many boots, such as ThermaPet Neoprene Dog Boots from Zack and Zoey, come in a wide selection of sizes ranging from extra, extra small to extra large to accommodate the paws of either tiny or massive canines. Cozy fleece linings, such as those found inside Guardian Gear Fleece-Lined Dog Boots, are soft and keep doggie paws warm and cozy no matter how low temperatures drop.

Look for booties featuring tread on the bottoms to give your dog extra grip on slick surfaces. Some sets, such as these from Pet Life Performance, provide both traction and extra ankle support that's wonderful for elderly pets or those recovering from surgery or injury.  

Other Options for Protecting Paws

If you simply can't imagine your furry friend agreeing to wear adorably protective dog booties, there are alternatives to wrestling footwear onto your pup to ensure your doggie can still enjoy the snow and winter weather in both comfort and safety. Instead of putting on puppy footwear, reach for a protective wax or cream. A wax, such as Top Performance Paw Defense Paw Protection, provides a barrier between your doggie's paws and any snow, salt or ice melt that lurks on the ground. Options like Pawz MaxWax not only protect those sensitive paws but also condition paw pads and help with keeping irritating dryness at bay. 

The key to finding success with a paw wax is applying it generously to the paw pads and in between your pup's toes before heading outside. Cleanup is a cinch if you keep a towel handy to wipe down paws when you and your doggie arrive back home. 

No matter if you opt for a set of cute and functional dog booties or a pot of paw wax, providing some sort of paw protection is key to promoting a happy and healthy winter with your pet. You wouldn't think of heading out into the frigid elements without first bundling yourself up, so keep that in mind and ensure your dog stays dry and warm too. With just a little preparation before heading out the door, you'll be setting your pup up for a safe and healthy winter filled with fun frolics in the snow. 

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