Spring Clean With the Best Remedies for Pet Odors

Published: May 11, 2022
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Furry friends bring lots of love, affection and friendship into a home. However, they can also bring some stinky odors along for the ride. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to handle the onset of pet odors, especially once you've opened your home again after the chilly winter season and it's time to spring clean.

When you're hoping to freshen up your living space and make your home feel and smell like new again, here are some of the best remedies to counteract the troublesome nature of pet smells, dander and more.

Start From the Source and Give Fido a Bath

The obvious place to start when wanting to eliminate pet odor is to wash your furry companion himself! Whether you choose to wash him at home or take him into a professional groomer, keeping a regular bathing schedule for your pet ensures that he stays fresh, clean and odor-free as often as possible.

If you want to guarantee that your pooch won't instantly be stinky again after bathing him from home, be sure to use a shampoo that has a light fragrance to it for an added fresh scent. Options with therapeutic smells like orange, lavender or vanilla can highly improve your pup's scent while also helping him to relax and unwind after bath time.

Clean High-Traffic Areas Where Your Pup Likes To Frequent

There are numerous places that dogs like to frequent inside and outside the home, and consistent high-traffic areas like this are undoubtedly going to be creating stinkier odors.

Consistently washing your doggy's bedding and blankets is necessary for eliminating long-term odors. If your pet spends more time sleeping in your bed than in his own, you should also wash your own bedding and blankets more frequently to erase long-lasting smells. Even items like furniture covers or cushion covers should be washed and dried on a regular basis to ensure that bad odors don't settle in for too long.

Even after you've washed these items, you can begin to refresh them more often to help reduce stinky smells. When it comes to furniture or upholstered car seats, you can include more products in your cleaning regimen that will remove odors quickly like King Kanine King Klean Pet Bedding Spray, which is ideal for spritzing onto fabrics and surfaces where the fresh scent can sink into the material for long-lasting results.

Should dog hair and dander on your clothes and furniture be causing odor issues specifically, you can utilize fresh-smelling lint rollers and other hair removal products to help eliminate the possibility of highly bacterial dander — which can even cause unwanted allergy symptoms for you and your loved ones over time.

Prevent Smelly Messes by Using Potty Pads, Diapers and Stain Removers

When you're caring for a young pup or a senior dog, there's likely to be more opportunities for potty messes around your home that will inevitably allow for bad smells and unwelcome bacteria to invade.

Since potty training a puppy is crucial, use training pads in only one or two places in the home to properly educate your dog on where to go. This will help you to minimize accidents and reduce the number of areas in your household that will eventually collect smells, even if potty problems are picked up and cleaned quickly and efficiently. Older canines have the option of wearing disposable diapers to prevent further leaks or accidents around your home, as well.

Regardless of proper training, bathroom accidents are common and require quick cleanup to prevent stains and odors from sinking into carpets or fabrics. Cleaning solutions like Urine Off for Dogs & Puppies can not only remove the chance of a current potty issue leaving a urine stain, but it'll help remove pre-existing stains that have previously settled in and become the cause of long-term odors. Lingering urine stains can entice your dog to consistently re-mark the territory as well, which is why products like Skout's Honor Stop Marking! Preventative Spray for Dogs are such vital cleaning solutions to keep on hand at home.

Wash Your Pup's Toys, Clothes and Leashes To Erase Bacterial Odors

If it's not your doggy's natural odor or potty messes causing a stink, it's his saliva and bad breath. Chewing on fabric-covered tennis balls, stuffed animals or other soft-material toys and leaving them soaked with saliva can ignite bad odors and harmful bacteria that you don't want collecting in your home. The same goes for any of your fur baby's fabric leashes or absorbent clothing items that your pup may inadvertently lick or chew on regularly, leaving smelly remnants behind. Washing these items by hand every one or two weeks can greatly reduce any lingering smells from staying put.

Keeping these items in a storage box, lidded container or wooden chest can also trap unwanted odors inside. Therefore, it's important to either air out these storage areas regularly, or to leave an odor-trapping, air-purifying product inside that will collect allergens, odors and pollutants in the air for you with no need for additional cleaning.

While it's impossible not to cherish and adore the lovable furballs you invite into your home, it's essential that you find ways to minimize their odorous impact for the sake of you and everyone in your household. Since the spring season is the perfect time for a clean, refreshing reset in your living space, be sure to keep these pet remedies in mind as you clean to guarantee a longer-lasting, odor-free home.

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