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Barking Buddha

Barking Buddha offers all-natural lines of sustainably sourced dog treats and dog shampoos for health conscious and eco-friendly pet owners. These products are great for individuals, veterinarians, and trainers that take pet health seriously. Their single-ingredient dog treats come from animal sources that are grass-fed and free range. The Barking Buddha White Dog Bone is an ideal alternative to regular marrow bones due to being roasted and cleaned without marrow or meat – plus they are less likely to splinter. If you’re looking for a long-lasting rawhide alternative, Barking Buddha Park Cheek Rolls with Beef Jerky are easy to digest with their natural flavor and color preserved from slow roasting. Go organic at bath time with Buddha Buggles Organic Dog Shampoo & Conditioner, both made from plant-based paraben free formulas with botanical anti-inflammatory properties. For all-natural dog treats and bath supplies, shop BaxterBoo’s online pet store with a collection of quality dog supplies and more!

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