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The Blissful Dog

Keep your pet looking and feeling their blissful best with The Blissful Dog’s collection of all natural pet skin care products. Each eco-friendly pet grooming formula is handcrafted using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients meant to support and heal your pet on multiple levels. Whether you’re wanting to neutralize odors or brighten your dog’s coat, The Blissful Dog shampoos provide gentle but effective deep cleaning without drying skin. Does your dog have itchy skin? The Blissful Dog offers spray for irritated dog skin using essential oils and other botanicals to promote healing. You can also treat other sensitive parts with The Blissful Dog’s collection of natural paw butter, nose butter and dog first aid ointment. Feline friends can rejoice with The Blissful Cat, a collection of cat shampoos, cat paw butter and more! The Blissful Cat No H2O Spray is a waterless cat shampoo that works great for cleaning on the go and for cats who don’t like traditional pet baths. Elevate your pet’s grooming and cleaning experiences to levels of pure bliss!


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