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BLUE Wilderness

Our furry friends may be domesticated, but they are still wild on the inside. Blue Wilderness from Blue Buffalo will satisfy your pet’s need for nutrients that come straight from the wild. Packed with more of the real meat that dogs and cats love, each recipe is formulated with plenty of protein and no grains to help your pet thrive. Blue Wilderness Nature’s Evolutionary Diet recipe is developed by animal nutritionists to provide dogs with the optimal blend of protein, fat and complex carbohydrates. Blue Wilderness Denali Dinner brings mouthwatering protein-rich denali blended with wild salmon, venison and halibut. For feline friends, Blue Wilderness Grain-Free Cat Food provides tons of protein along with omega fatty acids to support skin and coat health. While offering plenty of goodness for mealtime, Blue Buffalo Wilderness treats offer plenty of irresistible protein and wholesome goodness throughout the day. Each food recipe is enhanced with Blue Buffalo LifeSource Bits that blend antioxidants with carefully selected vitamins and minerals. Blue Wilderness will satisfy your pet’s inner wolf and inner wildcat.

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