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Canine Caviar

Canine Caviar sets itself apart from most other dog foods not only because of taste, but because of its unique high-quality goodness. Their assortment of dog food and dog treats is based on an alkaline diet, meaning it puts more oxygen into the blood to help reduce health issues such as liver and kidney disease along with diabetes. Canine Caviar Limited Ingredient Alkaline Holistic Dry Dog Food is both holistic and hypoallergenic to ensure your dog gets the diet they need to not only live, but to thrive. Give your dog exceptional chew treats with Canine Caviar Buffalo Dog Treats – high-protein dog treats made from ethically sourced buffalo lung, buffalo tendon, buffalo tripe and more. You can even give your pup Alkaline-based nutrition while training thanks to Canine Caviar Omega 3-6-9 Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Alkaline Dog Treats. Canine Caviar's family of dental treats help your dog fight oral diseases and tooth decay with long lasting dog chews that also provide essential nutrients. If you’re looking for a diet that can help your dog with weight loss, building strong muscles and bones, and overall wellbeing, look no further than Canine Caviar. 

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