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Ceva offers a growing line of products to meet the growing health needs of pets, centered on the two fields of pharmacology and biology. With extensive experience in therapeutic fields, Ceva’s brands specialize in difference aspects of pet health including cardiology, dermatology, dental health and other areas. DOUXO offers a variety of medicated grooming products from pet shampoos to anti-itch sprays that are as gentle as they are effective. Ceva’s Clenz-A-Dent line of dental chews along with dental food and water additives harness the power of special enzymes to fight plaque and reduce bad breath. Soothe anxious dogs at home or on the go with Adaptil or calm your feisty feline with Feliway, both vet-approved solutions that use natural pheromones to relieve pet anxiety. Get your dog or cat advanced flea and tick control with Vectra Topical Treatments that contain multiple doses for long-lasting protection. Sogeval Derma-3 Fatty Acid Supplements provide concentrated sources of Omega-3 fatty acids to help support healthy immune systems and restore skin and fur health. By offering a holistic approach to animal health, Ceva products seek to protect the health of our pets and our environment. Get quality pet supplements and pet care products when you shop BaxterBoo, your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies, cat supplies and more!

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