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Cloak and Dawggie

Cloak and Dawggie offers the finest in dog harnesses, matching dog leashes and other dog fashion accessories. If comfort, style and unmatched quality are your concern, then Cloak & Dawggie is your brand. Cloak & Dawggie specializes in harness vests that are comfortable, choke-free and suitable for every situation. The Classic Nylon Step N Go Dog Harness is a fashionable step-in harness for small dogs with military grade closures and breathable mesh lining, both adding optimal security and comfort. The Classic Step N Go Dog Harness not only comes in Mesh and Flannel exteriors, the also feature unique prints such as Denim Splash and Pink Floral. The Cloak & Dawggie Matching Dog Leash for Flannel Harnesses works as a functional accent while providing a comfy hold for you. When the weather gets rough, Cloak & Dawggie Precision Fit Sports Dog Parka sports a waterproof nylon shell and is the ideal all-weather dog jacket – not too heavy or light. For colder conditions, the Precision Fit Fleece Dog Jacket boasts double layers of fleece with full chest coverage on all sizes. You can protect your pup’s precious paws with the Cloak & Dawggie No Slip Dog Socks that provide both traction and comfort. If you’re feeling extra protective, the Easy Walk Sport Pet Sling is a great choice for puppies and small breeds. Whether venturing on the trail or through the park, your dog will feel safe with Cloak and Dawggie. Don't forget to check out My Canine Kid dog products. BaxterBoo’s online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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