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DOUXO® is a range of innovative pet products based on Phytosphingosine – a key player in many skin functions for pets. One of these functions is maintaining a vital protective barrier that’s essential to retain moisture and protect the body from bacteria, yeasts, allergens and all the other unwanted critters. The DOUXO® formulas are designed to provide complete protection for the skin barrier ecosystem of dogs and cats. Free from sulfates, paraben, and other additives, DOUXO® S3 Pet Shampoos are medicated to give your pet relief from itchy and irritated skin while helping restore ceramides to maintain healthy skin. DOUXO Calm Gel Anti-Itch Spray is ideal for hot spot relief and soothing dogs or cats with sensitive skin.  For effective treatment between baths, DOUXO® Chlorhexidine PS Micro-Emulsion Spray contains a no-rinse formula with antibacterial and antifungal agents that moisturize as well as disinfects. Cleaning sensitive areas like ears and skin folds can be a challenge, but DOUXO Micellar Solution Ear and Skin Fold Cleanser gently takes care of oily, waxy debris with a soap-free and non-greasy formula. Give your pet the best grooming products and skin care when you shop BaxterBoo for quality dog supplies, cat supplies and more!

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