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Ketogenic Pet Foods

Ketogenic Pet Foods has a foundation in natural protein and fat-rich meats without starch. High in protein and fat while low in carbs, a Ketogenic Pet Diet naturally encourages burning fat for fuel. With this in mind, Ketogenic Pet Foods seeks to aid pet parents searching for positive pet health results. Keto-Foundation and Keto-Kibble cat and dog food encourage long-term optimal health with specially formulated, starch-free and grain-free recipes. Made for dogs and cats, these foods contain double the protein of conventional pet foods while providing a carb-free alternative. Keto-Treats are unique and nutritionally dense keto pet treats made with real meat that pets can’t resist! For optimal freshness and nutrition, Ketogenic Pet Foods freeze-dried dog and cat food works great as standalone meals or food toppers to enhance dinnertime. Keto-Correction is a pet food supplement that can add nutritional balance to any meal by dramatically improving its macronutrient profile with keto-friendly ingredients like chicken fat, dried eggs, flaxseed and more. Carnivorous pets will love kick starting their diet with superior nutrition from Ketogenic Pet Foods!

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