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Kylie's Brights

Make your cat’s playtime even more engaging with Kylie’s Brights cat toys. Designed after the very rodents your kitty loves to chase, Kylie’s Brights are perfectly sized to flip, pounce and bat around while drawing your cat in with irresistible infused catnip. Your cat will enjoy a variety of toys that come in packs, like Kylie’s Brights Feather Rattler Mice and Shaggy Spools with Feathers. Rolling cat toys like Kylie’s Brights Raffia Spool and Ball with Feathers along with Kylie’s Brights Jute Ball with Feathers simulates a rodent’s reaction to being swatted and chased – plus they keep your cat on the move by diverting your cat from furniture. Tease your kitty’s brain with the interactive Kylie’s Brights Triangle Flower And Bee Toy Box, complete with peek-a-boo holes to explore and catnip-filled toys that spring up and jingle when swatted. Rattle your cat’s playtime with these fun and brightly colored Kylie's Brights cat toys from PetEdge. BaxterBoo's online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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