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McLovin’s premium pet treats are great for giving your furry friend real, natural nutrition with ingredients like what you’d find in your own grocery store. Their natural freeze-dried pet treats use only the freshest ingredients sourced directly from trusted farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. McLovin’s Freeze-Dried Premium Dog Treats are delicious and wholesome single ingredient dog treats that perfectly complement your dog’s raw food diet with protein sources like salmon, chicken, and beef. Treat your feline friend with the benefits of a raw diet by giving them McLovin’s Freeze-Dried Premium Cat Treats, packed with the same essential nutrients as their canine counterparts. All of McLovin’s Premium Treats contain the same fresh protein your pet would eat in the wild, plus they’re ready to serve right out the bag without the need for rehydration or refrigeration. Without using anything artificial, McLovin is a healthier option than most traditional pet treats. Their science-based approach to premium, biologically appropriate raw nutrition supports your pet’s overall health and well-being.

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