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High standards and proven results have earned Nutramax®️ a high reputation among veterinarians. Their supplements are among the most recommended to promote joint health, digestive health, brain function and overall wellness for dogs and cats of any age.

Hip and joint health is crucial in supporting your pet’s active lifestyle and they’re more likely to get the recommended exercise if their mobility isn’t hindered by discomfort or degenerating health. Cosequin®️ is the number one choice of vets and pet owners alike in helping support comfort and mobility in dogs and cats. Offered in a variety of strengths depending on your pet’s needs, Cosequin®️ utilizes an exclusive formula that effectively supports cartilage production while protecting existing cartilage from breakdown. Dasuquin®️ provides the same benefits for joint health as Cosequin®️ with the enhanced effects of ASU, an added ingredient that further prevents cartilage erosion. This enhanced effect makes Dasuquin®️ an ideal pet supplement for senior dogs who slow down on walks or have trouble accessing elevated areas. Denosyl®️ is a nutritional pet supplement that helps minimize a variety of liver problems in dogs and cats while also supporting brain health. Its formula helps increase levels of glutathione, a crucial compound for liver health, and protects and repairs liver cells. For additional liver support, Denamarin®️ utilizes silybin to work in unison with SAMe to maintain oxidative balance and increase much needed glutathione. The Nutramax®️ Proviable Digestive Support Kit combines key probiotics with Proviable-DC and Proviable-KP to promote healthy intestinal balance and firm stool consistency, helping ensure optimal digestive health for your dog.

Nutramax®️ pet supplements can be administered in a variety of ways according to your pet’s needs. They can be given as soft chews for a healthy treat, chewable tablets that can be given to your pet directly or combined with food, or capsules that can be broken apart and sprinkled into your pet’s food.

Help ensure your pet’s longevity with the most highly recommended dog supplements and cat supplements available. BaxterBoo’s online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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