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Puppy Cake

With Puppy Cake dog treats, not only can you provide a healthy and satisfying treat for your dog, but you’ll also gain a fun experience. Using only human grade and natural ingredients, Puppy Cake mixes are safe for dogs and will make the perfect treat for birthdays and other special occasions. Get Puppy Cake Mix Dog Treats in a variety of flavors including Pumpkin, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter and more. Simply combine Puppy Cake mix with water, oil, and egg, and then bake for a treat your pup will never forget. Not limited to cake mixes, Puppy Cakes offers other treat options like the Puppy Cake Holiday Dog Cookie Mix for Christmas time. Raise your standard for dog treats with the satisfying goodness of Puppy Cake. BaxterBoo's online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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