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Shameless Pets

Shameless Pets dog treats are made with a focus on not only your pet’s health, but also on sustainability of the environment. Crafted by nutritionists, each recipe is made with 30% upcycled fruits and veggies rescued from agricultural products, post-harvest leftovers and food processing. Perfect for dogs on grain-free and limited-ingredient diets, Shameless Pets Soft Baked Dog Treat are soft and chewy dog treats that promote anything from digestive support to skin and coat health. For a more satisfyingly crunchy dog treat, Shameless Pets Jerky Bites are made with high-quality meats like chicken, wild-caught salmon, and duck blended with other natural ingredients to make treats that are both tasty and beneficial. Shameless Pets treats are also great for your dog’s teeth. With dental dog treats like Shameless Pets Dental Sticks, your pup can fight plaque during snack time thanks to carefully designed ridges on each stick and added mint to fight bad breath. These nutritionist-crafted treats bring way more than just tail wags and long drools. There's a health benefit for every flavor!

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