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Tiki Cat

Tiki Cat brings the highest nutritional standards to keep cats in optimal health thanks to top quality animal sources blended with superfoods. Each carefully selected ingredient brings real benefits along with amazing flavors and textures that cats love. Whether served alone or combined with your cat’s favorite dry food, Tiki Cat canned cat food is anything but boring. Cats are carnivores that meet their nutritional needs through real animal protein. The number one ingredient in each recipe is always wild caught fish or hormone-free chicken, ensuring your cat enjoys the benefits of natural protein that they crave. Each Tiki Cat recipe is made with real broth to keep your cat hydrated and contains plenty of taurine for essential feline nutrients. While rich in essential vitamins and omega fatty acids, Tiki Cat is grain free and non-GMO cat food done right. Bringing a variety of textures and flavors, Tiki Cat brings real benefits that add up to long and healthy lives.

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