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Tomlyn is an industry leader in providing pet health and wellness with a strong focus on knowing and doing what is medically right for all pets. Their complete line of veterinarian-approved pet care products covers a wide range of categories including pet immune support, pet supplements, pet calming aids, pet digestive health and more.

Ailing dogs that need enhanced nutritional support will love the great tasting Tomlyn Nutri-Cal High Calorie Dog Supplement, which is a great source of energy and rich in Omega Fatty Acids. Tomlyn Nutri-Stat High Calorie Supplement for Dogs and Cats brings these same benefits in a more encompassing formula for multi-pet homes. Working dogs and active dogs need paw care, and Tomlyn Protecta-Pad Dog Paw Pad and Elbow Cream not only provides quick relief for dry and cracked paw pads, but they can also protect them from the hazards of outdoor terrain. Cats needing hairball prevention will benefit from Tomlyn Laxatone Hairball Remedy Gel while ailing cats will experience instant relief and support with Tomlyn Immune Support Daily L-Lysine Supplement Powder for cats of all ages.

With an uncompromising ethical approach to pet health, Tomlyn blends high quality pet products made from wholesome ingredients that produce highly effective benefits for all pets. BaxterBoo's online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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