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Vetericyn leads the way in at-home animal care with an award-winning line of pet wellness products made in the US. Vetericyn can help your furry friend by delivering pet wound care and hot spot relief, along with advanced pet skin and coat care thanks to cutting-edge science. For severe wounds and skin irritations, Vetericyn VF Plus Pet Wound Gel contains more active ingredients than typical over-the-counter formulas. Its advanced formula cleans wounds, treats infections, and kills bacteria while speeding healing. Just as effective and easier to administer, Vetericyn also offers pet wound sprays for topical treatment with better coverage. Vetericyn VF Plus Antimicrobial Otic Solution brings advanced ear cleansing for pets that’s ideal for flushing and soothing irritations in the outer ear and ear canal. Provide safe, innovative and veterinarian formulated pet first aid, Vetericyn will help pet owners and vets alike take better care of animals.

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