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Wild One

Wild One is into connecting pets and people through thoughtfully designed pet essentials that make life easier for both you and your dog. From functional pet accessories to innovative pet toys, Wild One makes everything with a function-first perspective because “looks nice” only matters next to “works well.” The sportiest collection of dog accessories is here. Take your dog on a stroll in stunning colors and unmatched comfort while rocking a water-proof dog leash with matching Wild One dog harness and convenient poop bag carrier. Keep your pup’s training treats stored with the stylish Wild One treat pouch and make a fashion statement of your own. Their collection of eco-friendly dog toys are BPA and Phthalate free and bring fun shapes to your dog’s playtime activities. Treat toys like the Bolt Bite Dog Toy and Twist Toss Dog Toy both feature open ends to hide your buddy’s favorite treats. Wild One emphasizes thinking sustainably and innovating while making both customers and pets happy!


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