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About Our Cat Treats

Cats deserve a delicious reward every now and then just like their canine counterparts. When portioned out properly, cat treats can play a big role in your finicky feline’s balanced diet while reducing their cravings between meals. Our assortment of cat treats are not only delicious – they carry a variety of benefits including dental care, hairball management and are great sources of protein and other crucial vitamins.

Buddy Biscuits Grain-Free Cat Treats are all natural and combine a meaty taste with a soft texture your cat won’t be able to resist. For a great single-ingredient source of protein, PureBites Cat Treats are freeze dried to lock in nutrition and freshness to give your cat the best treat experience. Granville Pure Protein Cat Treats also pack a big serving of protein from single natural sources like tuna and sardines! And what cat doesn’t like catnip? Meowijuana Cat Treats are blended with Valerian root and pack a soft and creamy center with a crunchy exterior packed with meaty flavor. Meowijuana catnip blends are tailored to whichever effect you want your kitty to enjoy. Treats can even help your cat’s oral hygiene! Greenies are the ultimate dental treat formulated to help your cat fight tarter buildup while freshening their breath. No cat can turn up their noses at any of these fine cat treat options! Baxterboo’s online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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