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About Our Water-Resistant Dog Beds

Our dogs are always bringing a little bit of the outdoors with them when they come inside. Wet dog smell is bad enough, so don't let your dog’s bed get ruined because it's not water resistant. For those dogs who love to spend time outdoors, get them a Water Resistant Dog Bed that can withstand the outdoor elements and everything they bring with them. Armarkat Pet Beds work great for small dogs and cats with water-proof and skid-free bases that are easy to wash. Armarkat offers simple pet beds along with pet caves that give your furry friend a secure hideaway from the elements. The Microfiber Quilted Bolster Dog Bed has a built-in Moisture Barrier underneath its ultra-comfy quilted fabric so you know your pup will be protected. Make your camping site feel more like home with Pet Life Helios Pet Beds. These lightweight, waterproof dog beds conveniently roll up for easy storage and can connect with other Helios Pet Beds for a larger resting area for your pup. Durable and sturdy, these Water Resistant Dog Beds will be able to keep up with your dog and all the activities they do! BaxterBoo's online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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