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About Our Dog Bowls

Dinner time is the best time of day for our furry friends! Nothing gets their attention like the rustling of a food bag or the clanking of food bowls. Getting them the right dog bowl can not only make their mealtime experience more enjoyable, but it can also be a great addition to your home décor. One option is to keep things simple with our stainless steel dog bowls, which offer long-lasting durability and dishwasher safe cleaning. The DuraGloss Metallica Stainless Steel Dog Bowl by ProSelect puts a colorful twist to the basic steel dog bowl with a lustrous finish all over for an elegant look. FuzzYard Easy Feeder Dog Bowls sport a removable stainless-steel insert and fun designs on the exterior along with sturdy rubber feet to avoid slipping when your doggo is dining out. TarHong dog bowls brings added elegance to your dog’s meals with unique designs and high-quality materials. The Olive Dog Bowl features a natural wood look while the Desert Wash Speckle Pet Bowl had the look of stoneware without the weight. With the help of slow feed dog bowls, you can help improve your pooch’s eating habits by encouraging them to eat slower for better digestion. The Slow Chow Medallion Feeder features a 3D food maze that turns mealtime into playtime while instilling better eating habits. You can even promote your dog’s dental health while relieving their stress with the Boredom Buster Indulge Slow Feeder Lucking Mat, featuring abrasive surfaces that soothe your pet when they lick. For dogs on-the-go, our travel dog bowls conveniently let you feed and hydrate your pup anywhere and anytime. BaxterBoo’s online pet store has all your dog’s dining needs for home and travel!

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