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Dog Fleece

About Our Dog Fleece

When the weather gets blustery, humans grab a fleece coat to stay warm, so it's no surprise that we'd choose to share that luxury with our dogs! BaxterBoo’s fleece dog coats are both durable and fashion-forward, featuring custom fabrics and patterns make sure that every dog is super stylish! For simple fleece options go with a solid-colored dog fleece vest from Gooby, made with soft fabrics and sporting a stretchy sleeveless design that’s perfect for fall and winter. Pair any of our Worthy Dog Fargo Fleece Dog Jackets with a matching Aviator Dog Hat and your pup will look like one cozy lumberjack. Perfectly simple and simply perfect, the Highline Fleece Dog Jacket by Doggie Design features a convenient step-in design that’s easy for both dogs and humans. Venturing outdoors in colder months with your pup requires extra protection against the elements. Ruffwear offers plenty of protection and full range of motion with the Climate Changer Fleece Dog Pullover that is free of hardware but full of comfort. Gold Paw fleece dog jackets are great for senior dogs, short-haired dogs and recovering dogs thanks to soft materials and a stretchy lightweight fit. Your dog can even enjoy the comfort of fleece at nighttime when they count sheep wearing turtleneck dog pajamas from Klippo, sporting silly monkey designs that are truly adorable. Give your dog the pleasure of snuggling with soft fleece to keep them comfy when the temperatures drop. Shop BaxterBoo’s online pet store for all of your dog clothing needs from dog t-shirts to dog coats and more!


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