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Caring for your dog’s teeth plays a crucial part of promoting their overall health and longevity. Without their chompers, dogs face challenges with eating, playing, grooming and other important daily functions that affect their quality of life. Dental cleanings can be pricey, but you can take steps to make those visits as quick and infrequent as possible.

Our Dog Dental Care products gives dog parents plenty of options to keep their pup’s smile pearly white and problem free. Whether you’re using a dog toothbrush combined with specially-formulated dog toothpaste or giving them a variety of dental treats designed for oral care, both you and your dog can take part their oral hygiene. Top brands like Greenies, Daily Dose, TropiClean and others offer numerous dental treats that your dog can’t resist. Greenies Original and Grain-Free Dental Chews use your dog’s natural chewing motion to help wipe away tarter and plaque buildup. Arm & Hammer infuses baking soda in their Dental Dog Treats for a gentle and effective way to prevent bad breath. The EZ Dog 3-Sided Toothbrush Kit uses three flexible heads that makes brushing your dog’s teeth much easier, and it pairs with an all-natural non-foaming dog toothpaste that’s safe for your pooch. Also pet water additives like those from TropiClean provide dual benefits of freshening dogs breath while aiding in hip & joint or skin & coat wellness.

For a photogenic smile and a kissable breath, your dog can’t go wrong with any of our dental care options. BaxterBoo’s online pet store is your one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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