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Dog Dirty Dogs

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About Our Dog Dirty Dogs

Keeping your dog clean and cleaning up after them comes with the territory of being a pet parent. Our four-legged friends get into all kinds of stuff and sometimes bring it inside with them. That’s when you need the best supplies and accessories to help manage your dirty dog while keeping a clean house.

For bath time or any time, our selection of shampoos, towels, wipes and paw washers help keep your pup and everything around them clean. Use ikaria Pet Shampoos that are specially formulated with natural botanicals in hypoallergenic formulas to repair damaged hair and skin while leaving a fresh scent for your pup. With a variety of targeted formulas, ikaria pet grooming shampoos and conditioners will comfort, repair and restore your pet's hair. 

Brands like Burt’s Bees are known to be gentle on dogs with sensitive skin and can help soothe with their natural formulas that are free of harsh chemicals. Burt's Bees Natural Oatmeal formula cleanses and conditions without making your pet's coat dry or dull.

In between baths, pet grooming wipes can help clean targeted areas like eyes and ears or simply wiping their fur for a quick cleaning. ClearQuestEarthbath offer an array of alcohol-free pet wipes that gently wipe away dirt and other buildups. When your pooch comes in with wet and muddy paws, grab a Mudbuster Dog Footbath to help rinse away dirt and grim before they enter your home or car.

If you have a wet dog on your hands from the bath or the rain, towels like Tall Tails Dog Towels use super-absorbent microfiber to make drying your dog quick and easy. Wet dogs can wreak havoc on floors, so drape your bathroom floor and front door with an ultra-absorbent doormat or bathing mat to keep them protected. Also when your buddy takes a dip and you’re away from home, our car seat covers will protect your upholstery on the way home for bath time.

There's no more hassle in keeping your dog and their surroundings clean. With BaxterBoo's online pet store, you'll find high quality pet cleaning products for any mess and any needs.

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