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Dog Grooming
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About Our Dog Grooming

There's nothing nicer than a freshly groomed dog. Keep your dog looking and smelling nice between professional grooming sessions with pet grooming products at We have a wide selection of dog brushes, dog combs, detangling sprays, dog shampoos, dog conditioners, and dog deodorizing sprays. Keeping your dog's teeth clean is also important to your dog's grooming regimen so we offer dog dental cleaning kits and dog toothbrushes. Keep your dog's nails trimmed for optimal paw health and finish with one of our dog nail grinders or nail files for a smooth finish. Regular grooming keeps your dog's skin and coat looking healthy and helps detect health issues. Grooming with our Furminator reduces shedding! Grooming wipes are great for quick cleanups for your dog's paws and beard after eating. Eye wipes and tear stain removers will keep your pet's eye area looking fresh. Shop for a wide selection of dog grooming products. BaxterBoo's online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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