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Dog Healthcare

About Our Dog Liver and Brain Support Dog Healthcare

When we take our dogs’ health into consideration, we often think about heart health, joint health, dental hygiene, and skin & coat health. But we don’t often think about their livers. Liver function impacts several systems in the body and can be greatly affected by diet, genetics, aging, and infections. The liver removes toxins from your dog’s blood, plus it stores nutrients and energy in the form of glycogen and fat. Whether your dog’s liver is impaired or healthy, liver supplements can benefit your pup and help them reach optimal health. VetriScience Liver Support offer a variety of effective formulas that enhance liver function by supporting fat metabolism, antioxidant protection, SAMe and glutathione production, and normal detoxification. Denamarin®️ by Nutramax®️ has been shown to protect liver cells from cell death and may help cell reparation and regeneration. Meanwhile Denosyl®️ is formulated to support both liver and brain function in dogs and cats by increasing glutathione concentrations and administering SAMe in its pure form. Treat your dog to some brain food with Plato Mini Thinkers, made from natural ingredients like pumpkin and carrots. These delicious treats are enhanced with EPA and DHA to support healthy bran function and are air-dried to retain nutrients. When your dog’s liver is happy, then their whole body is happy! BaxterBoo's online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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