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About Our Hands-Free Dog Leashes

The more freedom we have when taking our dogs outside, the better the experience is for both you and your pup. No one likes wrestling with a leash that requires constant attention to keep our canine companions close and under control. With a hands-free dog leash, you and your pup will enjoy more freedom to focus on enjoying the adventure. Go running with the Trail Pup Hands-Free Dog Leash from FurHaven and take advantage of its flexible bungee design that reduces pulling. RuffWear offers a variety of multipurpose dog leashes that can convert into hand-held leashes, hands-free leashes, and fixed leashes – these versatile leashes include the Flat Out Dog Leash, the Slackline Dog Leash and Crag Dog Leash. If versatility is what you’re after, then go for the Reflect and Protect Quantum Dog Leash by Kurgo which easily converts to a shoulder leash and waist leash along with a dog coupler and other convenient configurations. The Ghost Multipurpose Dog Leash sports four O-rings that converts it for multiple uses and is made from military grade parachute cord for maximum durability. Find other great hands-free leash options and other multipurpose dog leashes from Pet Life and Hurtta right here at BaxterBoo, your ultimate one-stop shop for dog and cat supplies!

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