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Dog Outdoor

About Our Dog Sun Protection Dog Outdoor

Nothing invites us to explore the outdoors more than a bright and sunny day! Without rain or snow to worry about, we’re free to focus more on the adventure itself instead of the elements. But the sun dishes out UV rays that can cause damage to your dog’s skin, paws, nose, and eyes without the right protection. Our sun protection solutions come in a variety of forms including sun protective clothing, dog eyewear and other sun protective accessories and gear. Skin cancer affects our pets as well as us humans. Pet Sunscreen protects noses, ears, and other areas on our pet that are vulnerable to harmful UV rays. You can be prepared for both the rain and the sun with the Performance Dog Umbrella from Pet Life. Once you reach the campsite with your furry friend, give them some much-needed shelter with an outdoor dog tent that’s easy to assemble and effective at protecting from the elements. For the beach or poolside occasions, the ShadyPaws Dog Shade offers ample shade when your pup wants to lay out. Get your adventure companion the cover they need with the best outdoor gear and accessories from BaxterBoo, your ultimate online pet store for dog supplies and more!

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