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Dog Travel & Carriers

About Our Dog Anxiety Dog Travel & Carriers

Travel anxiety is a common occurrence in pets as well as their human counterparts. Just like us, they have a variety of tools and solutions to cope with the stress of planes, trains, automobiles, and more. HomeoPet Travel Anxiety Supplement is a fast-acting homeopathic formula that relieves travel fear and motion sickness in most small animals. Vet approved and recommended, Adaptil Travel Calming Spray for Dogs uses a canine-appeasing pheromone to naturally reduce travel anxiety with a quick spray on your dog, in the car or in their carrier. Essential oils can also be a powerful stress reliever with ikaria Petscent Aromatherapy Collar Clips that emit therapeutic grade oil blends that soothe and comfort your dog in any situation. You can also clothe your pup in effective stress relief with the Dog Anxiety Wrap, which combines maintained pressure and acupressure with a breathable 4-way stretch fabric to comfort and soothe your fearful friend. No matter what challenges face you and your travel companion, BaxterBoo is your ultimate source for dog supplies and more!

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