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You want the best for your four-legged friend and that means getting them more than just the best dog food. They need something that helps curb their appetite between meals, something that can help boost their health, and something that serves as a simple reward for being the good boy or girl they are! Dog treats serve all these functions as not just an everyday snack, but as a major part of your pup’s overall wellbeing! BaxterBoo's online pet store offers a diverse assortment of treats from chewy dog treats to crunchy dog biscuits and more - treats that can do anything from benefiting your dog’s dietary needs to promoting dental health while also aiding in training your pup. From top brands like Blue Buffalo, Greenies, The Honest Kitchen and more, you’ll find the right treat that suits your dog’s daily lifestyle. Soft baked dog treats like K9 Granola Factory Soft Bakes and Wellness Soft WellBites are great for older dogs as well as dogs with sensitive teeth. For the more aggressive chewers, Fruitables Dog Treats and Buddy Biscuits Crunchy Dog Treats pack as much crunch as they do flavor, while jerky treats like PureBites Jerky Dog Treats and Real Meat Jerky Dog Treats are made of digestible natural ingredients that combine for the texture and flavor your dog will love. Greenies Original Dental Dog Chews top out our premium selection of irresistible dental treats that fight plaque and tartar buildup while freshening your dog’s breath. For those stubborn dogs who make medicine time difficult, Greenies Canine Pill Pockets can transform any pill into a yummy snack. If you’re looking for more wholesome options without any fillers, our strong selection all natural dog treats offer single ingredient and limited ingredient recipes that can help provide essential nutrition between meals. Brands like Cloud Star and Bocce's Bakery use only real natural ingredients to create dog treats that serve as truly wholesome rewards. For a treat that is light on calories and ingredients but big on flavor, Chicken Chips is the perfect limited ingredient dog treat for snack time! Find some of the highest quality dog treats, dog food and more when you shop BaxterBoo. 

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