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Cosequin® Hip & Joint Support by Nutramax® is the #1 Veterinarian-Recommended Brand to Help Pets Stay Active

Trust Cosequin to Help Keep Your Pet Moving at

If your pet could use extra support for hip and joint issues, chances are that you've already heard of COSEQUIN®. That's because COSEQUIN by Nutramax® is the number-one veterinarian-recommended brand. 

Additionally, you may have had a friend recommend COSEQUIN as it's the joint health supplement most used by pet parents. 

The reason vets are confident about recommending COSEQUIN® Joint Health Supplement is that it is a scientifically researched nutritional supplement to help dogs and cats maintain healthy joints. Because COSEQUIN is made by Nutramax, also a human supplement manufacturer, they know that their products are manufactured under strict quality standards.  

Signs your pet is experiencing joint pain may include:

Ingredient combinations backed by science

COSEQUIN® Joint Health Supplements for pets contain high-quality ingredients including FCHG49® Glucosamine Hydrochloride, TRH122® Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). This combination of ingredients helps to maintain your canine’s cartilage and connective tissue. Additional ingredients may include Omega 3's, Perna, Hyaluronic Acid, and/or Boswellia, depending on the product.  

Why does my pet need a joint supplement?

In humans and animals, cartilage is a slippery and resilient tissue that cushions the surfaces where two or more bones meet to form a flexible joint. When a dog or cat is in motion, there is significant pressure on the joint. Cartilage, joint fluid, and underlying bone work together like a shock absorber allowing for flexible joint function and movement.

Cartilage doesn't have a direct blood supply, so in order for cartilage cells to be sustained, nutrients must pass into the cartilage from surrounding tissue. Without proper nutrients, the body has difficulty providing the components necessary to maintain a healthy cartilage structure. In addition to nutrient deficiencies, scientists have discovered enzymes that play a role in the process of cartilage breakdown.

The ingredients in Cosequin® work together to help support and protect the cartilage with clinically proven results. 

Supportive formulas for every pet


Depending on your dog’s weight and needs, the administration of COSEQUIN® can be easily adjusted. The chewable tablets and soft chews are tasty and easy to give! COSEQUIN capsules enable pet parents to sprinkle the product over food for an easy dose.

COSEQUIN is available in a variety of formulas to meet a variety of needs, depending on your dog’s age, and activity level. There are small breed formulas, maximum-strength formulas, and senior formulas to name a few. 


It's not unusual for cats to begin to "slow down" as they are getting up in years. But unlike dogs, cat are more likely to try to hide their symptoms of joint pain. Perhaps they are less likely to jump up on places they used to. Or they sleep more. They may even decrease their grooming habits and their coats will suffer. Changes in weight are often a sign of a less-mobile cat. Even litterbox mistakes can indicate that your pet simply hurts too much to get where they need to be quickly. 

Cosamin for Cats for joint health at

Help your cats feel like they did in their younger years with new "cattitude" with COSEQUIN® for Cats. Cosequin feline formulas are available in sprinkle capsules and chews with select ingredients you can choose depending on your pet's needs. is proud to carry COSEQUIN® by Nutramax® to support your pets' joints and mobility. You'll find a wide range of COSEQUIN® products available for both dogs and cats. 

COSAMIN #1 Brand for joint health at


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