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Give Your Pets the Health Support they Need with Dechra Veterinary-Grade Products

Now you can find the products your veterinarian recommends in the comfort of your home with Dechra pet health brands at Dechra non-prescription products are designed for use under the direction of your veterinarian for health support at home. 

Dechra Hip and Joint Pet Supplements

Part of keeping your pet healthy includes keeping them active. But if it hurts to move, it can be a downward spiral into degenerative changes. Giving your dog or cat preventative care for hip and joint issues ensure that your pet's quality of life is the best it can be even through the golden years.

For this reason, Dechra has developed a patented joint health supplement with Phycox®, a natural source of phycocyanin, antioxidants, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. The Phycox line is available in several formulas to accommodate dogs of all sizes including those with allergen sensitivities and those with advanced degenerative joint issues. The formulas are available in tasty chews or in easy-to-use granules.

Phycox supplements contain trusted ingredients known for their clinically proven benefits such as Phycocyanin, Glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Creatine Monohydrate, and Antioxidants. The Phycox Max formula also contains turmeric, green tea extract, Gymnema Sylvestre, cinnamon, cranberry extract, and CoQ10 to support joint health in active and aging dogs.

Dechra Skin and Coat Solutions

An itchy pet is an unhappy pet, and it stresses owners too! Thankfully, Dechra offers several skin solutions that your veterinarian can guide you to use depending on the cause or the infective agent. now offers a wide range of Dechra medicated shampoos and conditioners available without a prescription. The Dechra DermAllay Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs and Cats is a great place to start for non-specific itching and irritation. Should your pet need a more specialized formula for a particular condition, ask your vet if the Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo, the Dechra MiconaHex+Triz, Dechra TrizCHLOR 4HC, or if the Dechra TrizCHLOR 4 is the best treatment for your pet. We also carry the corresponding conditioning formulas available in sprays or pour-on versions. 

For quick touchups and cleanups, we also carry Dechra antimicrobial medicated wipes which are great for intermittent cleansing and treatment of several skin conditions. These are perfect for irritations in skin folds, for ears, and many more applications. 

Dechra also offers medicated ear washes that are perfect for prepping the canal by softening the wax for antibiotic/antifungal treatments or may even reduce the need for treatments with regular use. 

To help support the body's skin from the inside out, your pet will love the Dechra EicosaDerm Omega 3 Liquid Supplement for Dogs and Cats. Dogs will also love Dechra EpiTreats Healthy Skin Dog Snacks.

Dechra Pet Dental Products

Both dogs and cats experience dental health issues over the span of their lifetime. The first sign of periodontal disease is usually bad breath. The periodontal disease then progresses to inflammation and eventually tooth loss when it is not addressed. In addition to expert dental cleanings at the veterinarian’s office, proper home dental care can be a great preventive for serious dental issues when used according to a veterinarian’s instructions. Dechra offers a unique line of dental care products to allow for ease of use at home.

If your pet isn't fond of toothbrushing, Dechra DentAcetic Dental Wipes for Dogs and Cats are a great solution. The DentAcetic Dental Wipe formula and textured material fight tartar and plaque buildup in your pet's mouth. The solution soothes gums with a pleasant cinnamon clove flavoring agent that deodorizes breath.

No matter what your health concerns are with your pet, Dechra offers supportive products through your veterinarian's office and at 


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