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PetSafe® Makes Pet Ownership a Pleasure with Innovative Pet Product Solutions

Have you ever found yourself wondering, "Wouldn't it be great if "X" existed to make taking care of your dog or cat easier so you could spend more time enjoying your pet? Chances are, PetSafe® already has the solution for your pet wish list. 

PetSafe® is dedicated to creating more “best moments” between pets and their owners through innovative product solutions. As an industry leader, PetSafe® brand offers a wide range of behavioral, containment, and lifestyle solutions. 

Busy Buddy Interactive Toys

Busy Buddy interactive dog toys by PetSafe channel a dog's need for exploration and new challenges into a healthy activity. Busy Buddy puzzle toys challenge bright dogs to help give them the mental and physical exercise they need so they don't entertain themselves in other "creative" yet unauthorized activities. 

Busy Buddy interactive dog toys at

In addition to providing your pet with an appropriate outlet for their energies, Busy Buddy dog toys also promote good dental hygiene with scrubbing brushes, nubs, ropes, and firm chews (depending on the model.)

Pet Walking Solutions

We all know that walking our pets is good for us and good for them. But sometimes the idyllic vision we have of the activity doesn't go quite as expected when you have a dog that likes to pull, tug, and essentially walk you

Thankfully, PetSafe offers solutions for peacefully walking your pet including Easy Walk Dog Harnesses and Gentle Leader Headcollars. These devices are recommended by trainers to help redirect your dog's attention back to you so that they aren't running after every distraction they see. 

For people who have indoor cats that would still love an outdoor outing, PetSafe also offers the Come With Me Kitty line of cat harnesses. These specially-designed harnesses for cats feature a bungee leash and quick-snap buckles for ease in application. 

Pet Travel Solutions

People are traveling more with their pets than ever before. Whether it's a trip to the Farmer's Market or a vacation, since we view our pets as family members, we don't like leaving them behind. 

With this in mind, PetSafe has great tools for making traving with your pet easier and more safe than ever. You'll find car seat covers, dog car seats and boosters, and dog car harnesses and barriers to ensure your pup doesn't become your co-pilot or even the driver! 

PetSafe also has lifting harnesses and travel stairs for dogs with mobility issues who still don't want to be left behind. 

If you must travel without your pet, PetSafe offers automatic pet feeders so you can be confident that they can eat while you're away without eating the whole bag in one serving!

Pet Fountains

Good hydration with clean water is one of the biggest gifts you can give to your pet's health. This is especially true for cats that can develop urinary and kidney issues without drinking enough. You can be sure you're providing your pet with a clean source of fresh "running" water with PetSafe Drinkwell dog and cat fountains.

Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain by PetSafe at

Equipped with carbon filters and appealing styles to enhance your home decor, Drinkwell pet fountains are easy to maintain and a healthy choice for your pets. The sound of gently flowing water will give your home a peaceful feel. 

 Pet Training Equipment

A well-behaved pet is a joy to all - including to themselves! PetSafe has a wide range of humane training devices to teach your pet where they're allowed to be, how to use manners on a walk or even off leash. Help your pet be the best they can be with state-of-the-art electronic training devices and low-tech solutions.

From anti-barking devices to clickers and radio collars, you're just a "click" away from a better behaved pet with PetSafe pet products!



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