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How RC Pets Enhances the Bond between Pets & their Guardians with Stylish and Functional Products

What if caring for your pet was even more fun, easy, and enjoyable? That's what RC Pets has set out to do with their line of quality products for dogs and cats.

RC Pets is all about designing quality pet products you can trust for fit, function, and fun for the whole family to enjoy while living a happier life together. RC Pets products help to strengthen the bond between pets and guardians while looking good and performing well. They offer a wide selection of colors, patterns, and sizes to fit most breeds.

A Serendipitous Start

RC Pets is based in Canada and began by happenstance when young entrepreneur Rory Carr was creating products for skiers. After mistakenly ordering 10,000 instead of 100 yards of nylon webbing for ski straps, Carr didn't want the product to go to waste. He realized this same tough, dependable webbing could be perfect for dog leashes and collars, and he was right. It was a steep learning curve, and breaking into the pet market was anything but a walk in the park, but in 1995 Carr was in the pet business. 

According to RC Pets, "There is a special connection we have with our fur buddies. To our furry friends, the human family is their entire world, and they are ours. It's a relationship built on trust, companionship, security, and love, and the team (and our furry office companions) at RC Pets are committed to enhancing it by designing pet products you can trust."

Pet Products for harsh climates

Using human-quality outdoor gear materials in the pet products proved to be a win for the pet community that could now enjoy adventures with their humans with rugged gear tailored to meet their needs.

Being from Canada, RC Pets has designed durable dog coats and cozy sweaters that can keep the deepest winter chill at bay. Taking cues from their Canadian heritage, you'll find a wide array of styles that appeal to a diverse community whether you're from the city or spending time at a remote campground. 

Many of their products include 3M reflective materials that are suitable for work and play during the darker days of the winter months. Vibrant colors and designs brighten up the dreariest of days to keep you and your pet active no matter the weather year-round.

When the temperatures do rise during the long hours of summer daylight, RC Pets also offers plenty of pet cooling products such as the Zephyr Cooling Dog Vest and Bandanas to keep your pup from overheating. RC Pets also has UV-blocking pet clothing for sun protection.

For hikes, you'll love their dog backpacks, durable dog harnessestravel bowlstreat bags, and waste bag holders.  

RC Pets for Feline Friends

One of the things we appreciate about RC Pets is its extensive line of cat products. If you have the privilege of being owned by a cat, you know that they are fairly self-sufficient, but more and more cats are enjoying the perks formerly reserved for dogs. These perks include outings into the Great Outdoors with gorgeous cat harnesses designed specifically for their comfort. 


We also love RC Pets' collection of stylish breakaway cat collars that ensure they are safe no matter where their activities take them. 

Strengthening the bond between pets and their people

Wherever adventure leads you, you can feel confident whether staying at home or wandering wherever the trail leads with products by RC Pets to make the time spent with your furry friends more enjoyable. 

To support the endeavor or strengthening the bond between pets and people, purchases of RC Pets Products help support Carlos' Cause, RC Pets' non-profit designed to support no-kill shelters in North America. 

A couple enjoying time with their cat and dog.

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