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Rubie's Pet Costumes Make Dressing Up Fun for Dogs, Cats, and People on Halloween or Any Day!

Dressing up pets for fun with Rubie's Costumes at

Remember how dressing up was so much fun as a kid? Or for those of us who are young at heart, we still enjoy wearing a good costume! 

Now your pet can enjoy the same thrill and get all the attention they deserve with costumes made just for them! And no one offers more selection in pet costumes than Rubie's Costume Company. As the world's largest designer and manufacturer of costumes, both humans and pets enjoy Rubie's Costumes! So now you can have the perfect furry sidekick or let your pet be the one to shine. 

Halloween Pet Costumes

More and more people are enjoying dressing up their pets for Halloween. You can find community pet costume contests as well as online versions including BaxterBoo's Pet Photo Contest!

Some pets enjoy going trick-or-treating with the family or staying home and helping dispense treats to the neighborhood kids. Either way, since pets are increasingly viewed as family members, it's fun that they can be included in the dress-up festivities. 

Some of the classic pet costumes Rubie's offers for Halloween are the characters you probably were as a kid including skeletons, witches, angels, cheerleaders, cowboys/cowgirls, pumpkins, fairies, princesses, and pirates. Don't forget Cleopatra, Frankenstein, and Dracula! These classic pet costumes will have your furry friend's fans smiling!

Or perhaps your pup dreams of working like a dog even on the Halloween holiday? Then our occupational pet costumes by Rubie's are a great choice! Choose from the Rubie's firefighter, police, business suit, veterinarian, or construction worker costumes. In addition to being great choices for Halloween, these can be great costumes to support community businesses and services with visits and social media posts. 

Officially Licenced Pet Costumes

If you're a Disney fan, a Marvel fan, or a DC Comics fan, Rubie's Costumes has the officially licensed costume for your dog or cat. You'll also find officially licensed Barbie, Star Wars, Hasbro, Ghostbusters, Despicable Me, and Star Trek pet costumes as just a sampling of what we offer in pop culture brands. 

Costumes for Pet Duos or Groups

One of the great things about our officially licensed pet costumes by Rubie's is that you can easily create a movie theme for a pet duo or pet pack! For instance, a Wizard of Oz-themed collection of costumes will have your pets or family looking great for heading out to see the wizard! Other great pack picks are Star Wars, Toy Story, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and any of our Superhero costumes.

Wizard of Oz pet costumes at

Some of our favorite pet costume duos are Batman and Robin, police and prisoners, Beauty and the Beast, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Buzz and Woody from Toy Story or Woody and Jessie for a boy/girl combo. 

Cat Costumes

While it's a rare cat that will go out trick-or-treating with the family on Halloween, it's a known fact that cats rule the Internet, so if you can con your kitty into wearing a costume long enough for a photo, your social media posts are guaranteed to do well. 

Most Rubie's pet costumes include easy dressing features like touch fastener for any pet, including cats, but there are a few cat-specific costumes by Rubie's specifically designed to add some pizzazz to your pretty pussycat. 

Rubie's officially licensed Star Wars cat costumes

We love the Minion Cat Hat Costumes and the Star Wars Princess Leia Buns and Yoda cat hats. Of course, you can't go wrong with the Rubie's Puss in Boots costume!

Costumes for Service & Therapy Animals

We try to carry a supply of pet costumes here at because there are many people who like to dress up their service and therapy dogs for hospital/hospice and school visits. Although the dogs themselves bring extra emotional support everywhere they go, when they're wearing costumes, the effect can be enhanced, particularly when working with young people or seniors. 

Dressing up your therapy dog or even a miniature horse in a costume is a great way to bring cheer to those in need! Often times bigger dogs are therapy dogs, and Rubie's has done a great job of outfitting larger breeds with their Big Dog collection. 

Send in the clowns, the superheroes and the doggy doctors to bring cheer on their rounds to hospitals, schools, clinics, and hospices! 

Pet Costumes for Every Occasion

Costumes aren't just for Halloween! Rubie's has costumes for nearly every holiday and occasion including wedding attire, and costumes for Easter, Christmas, HanukkahValentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras, Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, and more!

You'll also find a wide selection of accessories to complete your pet's look or will look great on their own. Rubie's bandanas, scrunchies, bows, and hats are a great way to outfit pets that may not tolerate a full costume. 



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