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Blue-9 Pet

Blue-9 Pet Products develops solutions that help dog owners and trainers bond better with their canine companions. Proudly made in the US, Blue-9 offers quality dog training accessories including no pull harnesses, multi-functional dog leashes and other products that help make obedience training more convenient and effective. The Blue-9 Balance No-Pull Harness makes for an ideal training harness. It features six adjustment points to ensure a secure and comfy fit while allowing full range of movement that doesn’t cause choking or chaffing. Pair it with the versatile Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash that offers six-in-one functionality thanks to adjustable lengths and multiple attachment points. Developed by veterinarians and animal behaviorists to be the first platform specifically designed for training dogs, the KLIMB Dog Training Platform has become a staple for professional trainers around the world. This durable and innovative platform provides dogs an elevated space to exercise, focus and learn vital behavioral skills. Blue-9 Pet Products brings professional quality dog training into the comfort and convenience of pet homes everywhere.  

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