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Good oral hygiene in dogs not only keeps their breath smelling fresh; it also promotes better overall health and longevity. By maintaining clean and strong teeth along with healthy gums, your pup can be free to enjoy doing what they love most: eating and chewing. Greenies, Daily Dose, Canine Caviar, TropiClean and other top brands who produce dental dog chews offer a wide variety of fun and delicious ways for your pooch to fight plaque, tarter and bacteria that can build up between meals. Specially formulated dog toothpaste combine with dog finger brushes so you can get to those harder-to-reach areas in their mouth. Dental Wipes are easier than traditional brushing and are ideal for cleaning on the go. Even dental water additives can soothe and protect mouth tissues against dryness, irritation, and inflammation while freshening your dog’s breath. Did you know that a majority of bad breath comes from bacteria on the tongue? While attending to your pup’s teeth and gums, try out a Dog Tongue Cleaner by Bristly to remove bad breath-causing bacteria from your dog’s tongue. Plus it has a calming affect when they lick these innovative brushes. Your furry friend will thank you for fewer dental cleanings from the vet. BaxterBoo's online pet store is your ultimate one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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