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Rockster sets a new standard for using high-quality, human grade ingredients that enhance your dog's diet and mealtime experience. This commitment to excellence means that pet owners can feel good about giving their dogs the best possible foods.

Rockster is the only organic dog food that is certified as its own superfood, greatly benefiting dogs and their owners. Rockster dog food products use only protein from animals raised under strict organic criteria. These animal proteins are then combined with superfood ingredients to create recipes that truly support your dog's health.

Each Rockster wet dog food recipe is gently steamed from raw in the can to preserve vital nutrients and vitamins. Fisherman's Dream is made with organic salmon that is rich in omega fatty acids, providing an optimal Omega 6:3 ratio. Boeuf Du Cap contains grass fed beef blended with antioxidant rich pumpkin, carrots and spirulina algae. Sound of Game features grass fed lamb along with the anti-inflammatory properties of salmon oil and New Zealand green mussels.

Harness nutritional science to feed your dog the world's first superfoods formulated for dogs with Rockster human grade dog food. Shop BaxterBoo's online pet store for pet food, organic products and other pet supplies carefully crafted to meet your pet's needs.


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