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About Our Jerky Treats

There are lots of reasons why Jerky Treats are highly beneficial to your dog’s health. Jerky is an excellent source of lean protein rich with vitamins and nutrients, it’s great for dogs on strict raw diets, and it helps promote overall oral hygiene in canines.

Our jerky treats are all natural, single ingredient succulent sensations for dogs of all sizes. With ingredients like beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, pork, venison, salmon, buffalo, and duck, our jerky treats promote a dog’s well-being and are great for training. DogSwell Jerky and Grillers aid in the health of hips, joints, skin and coats as a high source of protein. True Chews are packed with premium home-cooked flavor without any soy, corn, wheat or any animal by-products. Fruitables Whole Jerky are made with all natural ingredients keeping those owners of more sensitive dogs in mind. WAG jerky treats are ethically sourced and hypoallergenic, made with one ingredient dried raw.

Give your dog a healthy snack that also packs a yummy punch! 

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