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About Our Digestive & Urinary

One of the cornerstones of overall pet health is maintaining digestive balance and regularity in your four-legged friend. By absorbing all the essential nutrients from a well-balanced diet and daily health regimen, they can enjoy the long and active life they deserve. But sometimes sensitivities and allergies can interfere with pet nutrition, leading to constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, hairballs, urinary infections, and other complications. Give your cat a leg up on their health with high-quality digestive and urinary health pet products. VetriScience offers a collection of digestive pet supplements that promote everything from intestinal balance to supporting kidney and liver health. Probiotic Pet Supplements support the production of good bacteria in your kitty’s gut to stabilize their digestive environment. HomeoPet Supplements are 100% natural homeopathic pet supplements that provide instant relief from digestive problems and urinary incontinence while also supporting liver and kidney health. Emerald Pet Wholly Fish! Digestive Health Cat Treats combine real fish with a blend of turmeric and ginger root to naturally reduce inflammation and support balance in the digestive tract. Hairball Control is crucial for feline health and takes many forms including Hairball Remedy Gel, Hairball Control Treats, Hairball Supplements and more. Each of these hairball solutions are formulated to let hairballs easily pass through your cat’s stool. The path to optimal digestive health lies with the innovative solutions found at BaxterBoo, your ultimate online pet store for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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