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About Our Freeze-Dried Treats

Modern pet owners want the most from their dog food and dog treats. When feeding our furry friends, we want simple recipes made with the freshest ingredients to ensure they’re getting the wholesome diet they deserve.

Freeze-dried dog treats not only offer high quality nutrition and flavor, but they also ensure a long shelf life without the use of artificial preservatives. Thanks to the long shelf life, freeze-dried treats are also more convenient for storing and transporting when on the go with your companion. Stella & Chewy’s collection of treats and dog food toppers contain single-source proteins that are freeze-dried raw and free of grains and gluten. Treat your dog throughout the day with Wild Weenies and Carnivore Crunch or enhance dinnertime entrees with Dinner Patties or Meal Mixers.

Freeze-dried treats help pet owners safely provide raw food diets for dogs with sensitive stomachs or dogs needing weight management. Primal Canine Freeze Dried Nuggets contain raw single-source protein free of hormones, plus it can be delivered as both a treat and a meal. Top dog treat brands like Whole Life Pet, PureBites and Bravo! all specialize in single-ingredient dog treats that deliver human-grade quality benefits and satisfaction for your pup. This way you can avoid unnecessary carbs and artificial additives that can interfere in your dog’s diet.

Try our collection of dehydrated dog treats and dehydrated dog food as a great alternative with many of the same wholesome benefits and great taste. 

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